Snow Pix

Snapped 1-22-2014IMG_5615

We had a beautiful snow last week. It was enough to be pretty but not a bother. IMG_5576


IMG_5596~IMG_5589birdhouses waiting for springIMG_5590


what remains of the monkey grass



Grand Thanks

Snapped 11-(23-25)-2012

The “Grand Trio” made their Thanksgiving visit to our house this week, and here are the pics to prove it. I’m more motivated and enthusiastic (does anyone else have a problem spelling that?) about the holidays this year than usual. With the exception of the tree, Herman and I decked the halls before their arrival. I even brought out the Dept. 56 Dickens Village. They loved it. It’s so much fun to see everything through their eyes. That’s where the joy lies. ~~~

My DIL took some closeups of the “village people.”~~~~~~

Herman and I call the following grand “The Face” because she has a million expressions, and each one could launch a thousand ships.